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Texas loves South, America, new work of Southern noir from Rod Davis

Rod Davis’s new crime noir novel has made a sweep across Texas in the past few months. Davis’s book, South, America, has been featured in newspapers across the Lone Star state from San Antonio to Austin to Dallas. South, America, which tells the story of former Dallas reporter Jack Prine catapulted into the middle of a murder plot in pre-Katrina New Orleans, has been lauded by the following Texas media …

Inspirational author Shelley Stewart receives honors from Vulcan Park and Regions Bank

Shelley Stewart, author of the inspiring memoir Mattie C.’s Boy: The Shelley Stewart Story, as told to Don Keith, will be honored with the Hero Award at the inaugural Vulcan Awards presented by the Vulcan Park and Musuem at a ceremony on Oct. 2, in recognition of his many contributions to the civil rights movement …

Sheldon Hackney remembered by Dixie Redux essayists and Chilmark Author Series

Friends and contributors to Dixie Redux: Essays in Honor of Sheldon Hackney came together at a July 31 program to remember Hackney, as part of the Chilmark Author Lecture Series at Martha’s Vineyard. The panel discussion, lead by journalist and friend of Hackney’s Charlayne Hunter-Gault, included a selection of the Dixie Redux contributors (each authors and scholars in their own right) Vernon Burton, Ray Arsenault, Steven Hahn, and Patricia Sullivan …

Huffington Post blog spotlights Voices Beyond Bondage: An Anthology of Verse by African Americans of the 19th Century

A Huffington Post blog entry by Erika DeSimone spotlights Voices Beyond Bondage: An Anthology of Verse by African Americans of the 19th Century, co-edited by DeSimone and Fidel Louis and recently released by NewSouth Books. In the blog post, “The Literary Movement America Forgot,” DeSimone shares her insights into “history-through-omission,” which developed while she and Louis were researching the book …

Crooked Letter I LGBT Essayists Respond to Human Rights Campaign Alabama Survey, Part 3: Elizabeth Craven

Concluding our series of responses to a recent Human Rights Campaign survey of LGBT Alabamians, with contributors to NewSouth’s forthcoming anthology Crooked Letter I: Coming Out in the South. From Elizabeth Craven: “Kith and kin, faith and family, loyalty to the land, the culture and the lifestyle marks a Southerner. Yet all the institutions that defines a life: home, work, worship, these are the very places where Southern gay and lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people feel most threatened” …

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