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Ken Woodley, author of The Road to Healing, provides spiritual guidance in difficult times with April meditations for Forward Day by Day

Ken Woodley is strong of character and driven by heart. These qualities emerge in high relief in The Road to Healing, his history of Massive Resistance in Prince Edward County following Brown v. Board that also describes his years-long effort to secure reparations for those affected. For those of us who know Woodley (who is […]

First biography on Jack Brooks, The Meanest Man in Congress, garners national attention for important legislator

All this talk about the office of the President, be it how Trump is or is not fit for it or who among his Democratic challengers represents our best chance for positive change, reminds us of the strength and character of Jack Brooks, perhaps the best-suited analyst of the Oval Office in our history. A […]

Inspiring story of Benjamin Sterling Turner shared in new children’s book embraced by Congresswoman Terri Sewell

Neither Congresswoman Terri Sewell nor Benjamin Sterling Turner were born in Dallas County, Alabama, but both came to choice to run for office. This incredible intersection of history reminds us of how important historymakers like Turner and Sewell are; the effects of their leadership can be felt in Dallas County today. The Slave Who Went […]

Overturning Brown sparks national media attention with timely critique about the discriminatory roots of “school choice”

As school choice sparks national conversation–from the State of the Union address, where Trump derided ‘failing government schools’ and touted legislation that would divert up to five billion dollars in federal funding to private schools, to the Democratic debate stage in South Carolina–Steve Suitts’s incisive, timely analysis, Overturning Brown: The Segregationist Legacy of the Modern […]

Kathryn Tucker Windham Jeffrey story read aloud by daughter for Halloween

For Halloween 2019, Dilcy Windham Hilley–daughter of legendary Southern folklorist Kathryn Tucker Windham–helped us arrange this treat for our readers: an abridged audio recording of “A Promise Kept,” one of Windham’s selections for Jeffrey’s Favorite 13 Ghost Stories. For Southerners, and many outside the South, Kathryn Tucker Windham’s beloved Jeffrey’s stories are practically synonymous with […]

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