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Michelle Edwards
Alef-Bet: A Hebrew Alphabet Book
ISBN: 1-58838-233-8, Trade Paper with French Flaps
Chicken Man
ISBN: 1-58838-223-0, Trade Cloth
Chicken Man
ISBN: 1-58838-237-0, Trade Paper
John Egerton
Ali Dubyiah and the Forty Thieves
ISBN: 1-58838-202-8, Trade Cloth
Nancy Ekberg
What Kind of War Was It, Anyhow?
ISBN: 1-60306-318-8, Trade Paper
Bill Elder
All Guts and No Glory
ISBN: 1-58838-209-5, Trade Cloth
Gerard Elfstrom
Charles Darwin: A Celebration of His Life and Legacy
ISBN: 1-58838-281-8, Trade cloth
Rhoda Coleman Ellison
History of Huntingdon College, 1854-1954
ISBN: 1-58838-171-4, Trade Paper
Stephen Ellmann
And Justice For All: Arthur Chaskalson and the Struggle for Equality in South Africa
ISBN: 1-58838-428-4, Trade Cloth
Robert Ely
ISBN: 1-58838-056-4, Trade Paper
Hallelujah, Alabama!
ISBN: 0-9785311-3-2, Trade Cloth
Jerome Ennels
The Tuskegee Airmen, An Illustrated History: 1939-1949
ISBN: 1-58838-244-3, Trade Cloth
Susan "Susie" J. Erenrich
Freedom Is A Constant Struggle: An Anthology of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement
ISBN: 1-58838-463-2, Trade Paper
Mark Ethridge
ISBN: 1-60306-161-4, Trade Paper
ISBN: 1-58838-192-7, Trade Cloth
Robert Evans
Close Readings: Analyses of Short Fiction from Multiple Perspectives by Students of Auburn University Montgomery
ISBN: 0-9785311-1-6, Trade Paper