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Clifton Taulbert
The Invitation
ISBN: 1-58838-307-5, Trade Cloth
Frazine Taylor
Researching African American Genealogy in Alabama: A Resource Guide
ISBN: 1-60306-044-8, Trade Paper
Joe Taylor
The Theoretics of Love
ISBN: 1-58838-330-X, Trade Cloth
Lisbeth Thom
Row Away from the Rocks
ISBN: 1-58838-154-4, Trade Paper
Daniel Thomas
An Elmore County Life
ISBN: 1-60306-024-3, Trade Paper
Richard Thomas
Stephen Thompson
T. K. Thorne
Behind the Magic Curtain: Secrets, Spies, and Unsung White Allies of Birmingham's Civil Rights Days
ISBN: 1-58838-440-3, Trade Cloth
Larry D. Thornton
Why Not Win? Reflections on a fifty-year journey from the segregated South to America’s board rooms – and what it can teach us all
ISBN: 1-58838-384-9, Trade Cloth
Mills Thornton
Dixie Redux: Essays in Honor of Southern Historian Sheldon Hackney
ISBN: 1-58838-297-4, Trade Cloth
Michael Thurman
Voices from the Dexter Pulpit: Sermons from the First Church Pastored by Martin Luther King, Jr.
ISBN: 1-60306-031-6, Trade Paper
D. B. Tipmore
My Little Town: A Pilgrim's Portrait of a Uniquely Southern Place
ISBN: 1-58838-433-0, Trade Cloth
Brenda Travis
Mississippi's Exiled Daughter
ISBN: 1-58838-329-6, Trade Paper
Warren Trest
Missing In Paradise
ISBN: 1-58838-156-0, Trade Paper
Nobody But the People: The Life and Times of Alabama’s Youngest Governor
ISBN: 1-58838-221-4, Trade Cloth
Requiem for a Flower Child: A Jake Falcon Mystery
ISBN: 1-60306-402-8, Trade Paper
Wings of Denial: The Alabama Air National Guard’s Covert Role at the Bay of Pigs
ISBN: 1-58838-021-1, Trade Paper
Jacqueline Trimble
American Happiness
ISBN: 1-58838-327-X, Trade Cloth
How to Survive the Apocalypse
ISBN: 1-58838-466-7, Trade Cloth
Steven Trout
Journey to the Wilderness: War, Memory, and a Southern Family’s Civil War Letters
ISBN: 1-58838-312-1, Trade Cloth
Cynthia Tucker
The Southernization of America: A Story of Democracy in the Balance
ISBN: 1-58838-456-X, Trade Cloth
Skip Tucker
Pale Blue Light
ISBN: 1-60306-310-2, Trade Paper
Louise Turner
Margaretha’s Trunk: A Genealogical Novel
ISBN: 1-58838-153-6, Trade Cloth