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Billy O. Wireman

Now retired as President Emeritus of Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina, where he lives, Billy Wireman knows a few things about leadership. Since his youth, he has led virtually every organization in which he has been involved, from athletic teams and fraternities to units in the Marine Corps, from colleges and universities to myriad civic and educational organizations. He has written hundreds of articles, essays, speeches, and book reviews. He is an internationally recognized lecturer and consultant.
Books by Billy O. Wireman:
  • Lessons from the Big Guys: What I Learned From Servant Leaders Hugh McColl, Bill Lee, Jack Eckerd, and Adolph Rupp
  • ISBN: 1-58838-086-6, Trade Cloth
  • Like Shooting Rapids in the Dark: Selected Writings on Education by Billy O. Wireman
  • ISBN: 1-58838-088-2, Trade Cloth