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James P. Pate

Independent scholar Jim Pate is an emeritus professor of history at the University of West Alabama, where he served as a department chair, dean, and vice president. He also served as a dean at Southeastern Oklahoma State, vice president at Northeastern State University, and campus dean at the University of Mississippi-Tupelo. He is a graduate of Delta State University and earned an M.A. and Ph.D. from Mississippi State. He has previously edited “When This Evil War is Over”: The Correspondence of the Francis Family, 1860–1865, Cherokee Newspapers, 1828–1906, and The Reminiscences of George Strother Gaines. His contributions to research, preservation, and archaeological investigations at the Fort Tombecbé/Fort Confederation complex led to the transfer of the significant eighteenth-century French-British-Spanish site to the University of West Alabama.
Books by James P. Pate:
  • The Annotated Pickett’s History of Alabama: And Incidentally of Georgia and Mississippi, from the Earliest Period
  • ISBN: 1-58838-032-7, Trade Cloth