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Merril Mushroom

Merril Mushroom came out in the fifties as a bar dyke. Her writing has appeared over the years in a wide variety of anthologies and periodicals. Her stories about the fifties' bar scene in Florida were first published in Common Lives/Lesbian Lives magazine, and she was a frequent contributor to early issues of Maize magazine. Her out-of-print lesbian sci-fi novel, Daughters of Khaton, is looking for a new home. She lives on a rural Tennessee hill farm and is grateful for her gardens, friends, families, and her activist life. She is a member of Womonwrites, OLOC, and several rural grassroots organizations. She is still the butch.
Books by Merril Mushroom:
  • Crooked Letter i: Coming Out in the South
  • ISBN: 1-58838-313-X, Trade Paper with French Flaps