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Derryn Moten

Derryn E. Moten is a professor of history and chair of the history and political science department at Alabama State University, formerly, Alabama State College, and formerly, the department of history that Dr. L. D. Reddick chaired from 1995 until 1960. Moten received his doctorate at the University of Iowa in American Studies. His 1997 Iowa dissertation "A Gruesome Warning to Black Girls: The August 16, 1912 execution of Virginia Christian” provides the inspiration for Forsaken, a novel by Ross Howell, Jr. Prior to his studies in Iowa City, Moten earned a graduate degree in Library Science from Catholic University of America and worked as a law librarian for a boutique tax firm in Washington, DC. He is a local co-president for the American Federation of Teachers and is vice chair of the AFT Higher Education Policy and Planning Council. He is also a vice president for the Alabama AFL-CIO. He lives in Montgomery, Alabama.
Books by Derryn Moten:
  • Crusader Without Violence: A Biography of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • ISBN: 1-58838-350-4, Trade Paper