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R. Kent Rasmussen

R. Kent Rasmussen has written and edited a dozen books on Mark Twain—most notably, perhaps, Mark Twain A to Z (1995) and its greatly expanded revision, Critical Companion to Mark Twain: A Literary Reference to His Life and Work (2 vols., 2007). He has also edited Critical Insights: Mark Twain (2010), Dear Mark Twain: Letters from His Readers (2013), and Critical Insights: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (2017); co-edited (with Kevin Mac Donnell) Mark Twain and Youth: Studies in His Life and Writings (2016); and prepared the Penguin Classics editions of both The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (2014) and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (2014). He is currently writing a book on films adapted from Mark Twain's works. Dr. Rasmussen is also recognized as a scholar in African history, a field in which he has published five books.
Books by R. Kent Rasmussen:
  • Mark Twain's Literary Resources: A Reconstruction of His Library and Reading
  • ISBN: 1-58838-343-1, Trade Cloth