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Mike Rucker

Mike Rucker, a Civil War enthusiast since his high school days, calls Virginia his home despite residing in Peoria, Illinois, for much of his adult life. He is a lecturer on the War Between the States and conducted research for The Meanest and 'Damnest' Job for fifteen years. Mike is also the author of 20 children’s books and a book about the exploits of Dr. William Parks Rucker entitled Bridge Burner. Mike was married to a Rucker family fourth cousin, Harriet, who passed away November 2016 after 42 years of beautiful marriage. His son Derek and his daughter-in-law Diane live with their three daughters—Brianna, Fiona, and Sabrina—in Apple Valley, Minnesota.
Books by Mike Rucker:
  • The Meanest and 'Damnest' Job: Being the Civil War Exploits and Civilian Accomplishments of Colonel Edmund Winchester Rucker During and After the War
  • ISBN: 1-58838-382-2, Trade Cloth