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Edith Powell

Edith Powell is a retired professor of immunology and hematology at Tuskegee University. As a native of Tuskegee, Powell has had a lifelong interest in the history of the town and university. Her passion resulted in her role as an independent research consultant on George Washington Carver for the Tuskegee University archives. Powell is also the author of A Black Oasis: Tuskegee Institute’s Fight Against Infantile Paralysis, 1941–1975 (with Dr. John F. Hume) and To Raise Up the Man Farthest Down: Tuskegee University’s Advancements in Human Health, 1881–1987 (with Dana R. Chandler). Now residing in Auburn, Powell is a mother of three with five grandchildren.
Books by Edith Powell:
  • More Than Peanuts: The Unlikely Partnership of Tom Huston and George Washington Carver
  • ISBN: 1-58838-446-2, Trade Paper