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Quaternion Organon

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Quaternion Organon: A Journey of One Eternal Round

Category: Fiction
Format: Trade Paper, 448 pages
Pub Date: 2001 Fall
Price: $21.95
ISBN: 978-1-58838-040-1
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Two men buy motorcyles and hit the road after being fired by a company in the midst of downsizing. Looking for meaning in their middle age, these two seekers join up with an odd self-help group headed by a beautiful woman who begins their journey to enlightenment. Part mystical fiction and part fact-based explanation of the universe and the world, George Hamner’s funky first novel consolidates theories and philosophies from such great thinkers as Ouspensky, Newton, Einstein, and Suzuki, among others, delivering a message encompassing Jesus, the Egyptian pyramids, Quantum Field Theory, Mu, and everything in-between. Hamner named his book as the next in line and the natural successor to Aristotle’s Organon, Bacon’s Novum Organum, and Ouspensky’s Tertium Organum.