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Daisy Bates

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Daisy Bates: The Champion of the Little Rock Nine

Category: Biography
Format: Trade Paper, 80 pages
Pub Date: 2002 Spring
Price: $5.95
ISBN: 978-1-58838-081-4
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In 1957, Little Rock’s Central High School became the center of the American movement to desegregate public education. Nine brave African American students —dubbed the “Little Rock Nine” — were chosen to be the first black students to attend the previously all-white Central High. Segregationist Arkansas governor Orval Faubus stirred up the Little Rock citizens and used the Arkansas state gaurdsmen to prevent the Little Rock Nine from entering the school. Angry white mobs rioted in the streets in protest of the black students. One of the key figures behind this struggle was Daisy Bates, who helped protect the children and organize their safe entry into the high school. She stood resolute in the face of intimidation and physical violence, and continued to push for integration despite the pressure from the city and governor. After Eisenhower sent in the Army to protect the students and oversee the integration process, Daisy Bates moved on to help in other areas of the civil rights movement. She spent her life in the pursuit of equality, and saw redemption in the struggle to make all citizens equal.