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Like Shooting Rapids in the Dark

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Like Shooting Rapids in the Dark: Selected Writings on Education by Billy O. Wireman

Category: Essays/Education
Format: Trade Cloth, 160 pages
Pub Date: 2002 Fall
Price: $22.00
ISBN: 978-1-58838-088-3
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No issue is more central to the American experiment today than education. And few people know more about education than Billy O. Wireman, the recently retired president of Queens College. This book consists of selections from his writing and thinking over forty years in the field in which he has become internationally known as an educational visionary. Wireman communicates an intense sense of where American education needs to go and a keen sense of how to get there. Wireman’s book is for anyone seriously interested in what every citizen should be interested in: education and the construction of the future. Wireman writes about education not as a disembodied abstraction but from the perspective of one person who has thought about it, lived within it, and put it into practice. Modest, self-depreciating, and self-critical, Billy O. Wireman personifies passion for students, teachers, and education. Not everyone will embrace all his ideas, but we would all be poorer without them. As surely as the sun will rise, America’s democratic experiment will fail if we lose sight of what education can and must do. Anyone seriously interested in education—and that should be every American—will profit from Billy Wireman’s insights, arguments, and vision.