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Education as Spiritual Enterprise

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Education as Spiritual Enterprise: Essays on Moral Discernment

Category: Essays
Format: Trade Paper, 142 pages
Pub Date: 2004 Spring
Price: $15.95
ISBN: 978-1-58838-125-5
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In Education as Spiritual Enterprise, Dr. Daniel Vertrees contributes to the reassessment of spirituality in educational practice and theory. The book’s argument for education’s spiritual element asks us to reconsider—by example—what would be lost and what might be gained if we seriously began to insert the metaphors of spirituality into educational practice and theoretical discourse. Vertrees shows that an education can be more than a collection of notations about content, methods, standards, and assessment. An education can be an orientation to what we deem to be our place in the ultimate order of things. In this spiritual orientation, Vertrees suggests that there is someting important to be gained by finding a new place, a place beyond bigotry and sectarian contention, for spiritual tropes in educational discourse and practice. The book asks the reader to consider a spiritual dimension of life and how it consolidates and completes out atttempt to live fully and morally. The essays of this book draw the reader’s mind to the possibility of a spiritual pedagogy that cares for schools, students, knowledge, and skills as a matter of transcendental trust. Education as Spiritual Enterprise’s central vision for education is similar to John Dewe’s vision of love and reconciliation in which out spiritual commitment to the “family values” we all cherish cannot be separated from at home in the world—a world from which they are not alienated, a world in which they can fully participate, and a world they can bend to their needs and requirements.