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Margaretha’s  Trunk

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Margaretha’s Trunk: A Genealogical Novel

Category: Fiction
Format: Trade Cloth, 480 pages
Pub Date: 2003 Fall
Price: $27.95
ISBN: 978-1-58838-153-8
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Margaretha’s Trunk is a fast-paced nostalgic read, whose power lies in its non-fictional characters as they live their everyday lives in New Orleans, the second largest city in America, in the summer of 1847. The mystery surrounding the family will make you wonder “what if” when you encounter the real as well as the fictional characters who tell the story. You will think of the kindly Herr Holzer with real affection and the pragmatic Frau Henning with a shake of the head. You will recognize the novice Frances, a nun going about her errand of mercy. You will look at every street vendor to see if he is Juan. As inhabitants did a century of more ago, you may walk down the banquette, hear the church chimes calling the faithful to mass, stroll through the Places des Armes, observe the neutral grounds without recognition of their significance and understand French without speaking it when you call the streets by name or order food from a menu. The Henke “called Feldkemper” family, as immigrants, swelled the population of New Orleans to more than 200,000 souls in the 1850s, just like your ancestors flooded over time into America’s cites. Reading Margaretha’s Trunk, you will feel an undeniable kinship.