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History of the Bank of Atmore

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History of the Bank of Atmore

Category: History
Format: Trade Cloth, 232 pages
Pub Date: 2005 Spring
Price: $34.95
ISBN: 978-1-58838-177-4
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In 1904, the Bank of Atmore opened its doors, and, 100 years later, what is now United Bank celebrates its centennial with this important historical volume, compiled by the late Charles Karrick of United Bank. The History of the Bank of Atmore traces the journey of the bank through not only banking milestones, like the creation of the FDIC and the advent of ATMs, but through human milestones as well. Shown here are World War I and the Great Depression, World War II, the first moon landing, Vietnam, hurricanes and tornadoes, softball games and picnics. Narrating from the beginning of checking accounts to Internet banking, the History of the Bank of Atmore is more than just the story of a bank; itís a slice of the integral history of America. At its heart are the people and places of Atmore, Alabama, spotlighted as they move through time with United Bank at their side.