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Deep Family

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Deep Family: Four Centuries of American Originals and Southern Eccentrics

Category: History
Format: Trade Cloth, 448 pages
Pub Date: 2005 Spring
Price: $35.95
ISBN: 978-1-58838-178-1
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Deep Family chronicles several generations of the famous Read, Baldwin, and Craik families of Montgomery, Alabama. Dubbed the “deep family” by a black servant—who himself became part of the family, long before blacks and whites had equal rights—the dynamic personalities in this volume stretch from the American Revolution to World War II and beyond. Many Montgomerians will still remember the legendary Hazel Hedge, the gorgeous family estate and site of famous Montgomery parties, or will have heard tales of this family that included revolutionaries, Confederates, communists, diplomats, journalists, artists, grande dames, and eccentrics. Readers not from Montgomery will wish that they were. Brimming with colorful cameos—from George Washington to William Lowndes Yancey to Greta Garbo to Rosa Parks—Deep Family combines history, gossip, name-dropping and personal lore in a scandalous, ripping good read.