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Neither Carpetbaggers nor Scalawags

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Neither Carpetbaggers nor Scalawags: Black Officeholders During the Reconstruction of Alabama 1867-1878

Category: History
Format: Trade Paper, 440 pages
Pub Date: Spring 2010
Price: $29.95
ISBN: 978-1-58838-189-7
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Neither Carpetbaggers Nor Scalawags recounts events in post-Civil War Alabama, including political affairs and the attempts by the black population to carve out a social, educational, and economic existence during turbulent times after the end of slavery. It was a time of restrained joy, a time of jubilee, a time for building, especially a better way of living for the ex-slaves and their families. Many participated fully in the political process during the Reconstruction period. The stories of a number of black officeholders are told in this revised and reedited edition that includes an expanded index.

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