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Sailing to Alluvium

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Sailing to Alluvium: A novel

Category: Fiction
Format: Trade Cloth, 400 pages
Price: $27.95
ISBN: 978-1-58838-269-6
eBook available for Kindle, Nook, iPad
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In their third adventure, Junior Ray and his sidekick Voyd Mudd have become "diktectives" to stop the murderous activities of a semi-secret, lethal organization of Southern women, the Aunty Belles, headed by Miss Attica Rummage. Author John Pritchard's third book, following 2005s Junior Ray and 2008s The Yazoo Blues, is another brilliant, bumbling burlesque with an unforgettable cast of characters deeply rooted in the Mississippi Delta, a place both real and imaginary. The novel revolves around obsessions, underneath which lies the dark history of a class conflict that existed in the Deep South, not among black and white but between the white "haves" and the white "have-nots."

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