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No Place Like Home

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No Place Like Home: An Architectural Study of Auburn, Alabama

Format: Trade Cloth, 320 pages
Pub Date: 01/15/2020
Price: $32.95
ISBN: 978-1-58838-400-3
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Auburn, Alabama is well known as a college town and as a historic Southern village. The architecture that presently constitutes Auburn's built environment deserves the same level of recognition. From structures on the campus of Auburn University to historic churches and other buildings across the town, Auburn's architectural record is worth celebrating and protecting. In No Place Like Home: An Architectural Study of Auburn, Alabama—a companion volume to Lost Auburn: A Village Remembered in Period Photographs—co-authors Delos Hughes, Ralph Draughon Jr., Emily Sparrow, and Ann Pearson highlight the buildings of Auburn that are distinguished by age, celebrated residents, distinctive design, and historical importance. The architectural character of Old Auburn lives on in the enduring structures found throughout the city. Anchored by a strong sense of place, No Place Like Home will inspire readers to a greater appreciation of the shared past that connects us all through historic homes and meeting places.