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Freedom Is A Constant Struggle

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Freedom Is A Constant Struggle: An Anthology of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement

Format: Trade Paper, 560 pages
Pub Date: 11/16/21
Price: $35.00
ISBN: 978-1-58838-463-8
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With contributions from more than 80 participants, Freedom Is A Constant Struggle is one of the most comprehensive books ever published about the civil rights movement in Mississippi. The anthology focuses on the critical year of 1964, when civil rights workers were beaten, jailed, and murdered, yet freedom schools were established, thousands registered to vote, and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party challenged segregated elections. The participants of Freedom Summer have gracefully aged. Some have died. In this book, their stories are told in an unprecedented array of songs, articles, photographs, and drawings, collectively recounting the fierce battle to bring equal rights to Mississippi. Much of the content is controversial. All of it is riveting, eyewitness history. Contributors include Victoria Gray Adams, George Ballis, Rita Schwerner Bender, Julian Bond, Guy and Candie Carawan, Ben Chaney, Charlie Cobb, Judy Collins, Sis Cunningham, Dave Dennis, Bob Dylan, Marion Wright Edelman, Myrlie Evers, James Forman, Carolyn Goodman, Joanne Grant, Dick Gregory, Lawrence Guyot, Matt Herron, Marshall Jones, Matthew Jones, William Kunstler, Dorie Ladner, Mark Lane, John Lewis, Jerry Mitchell, Mamie Till Mobley, Bob Moses, Jack Newfield, Phil Ochs, Tom Paxton, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Pete Seeger, Cleveland Sellers, Bob Zellner, Howard Zinn, and many others.