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True Divinity in Christ

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True Divinity in Christ: A Testimony of Faith and Hope with Four Short Stories

Category: Religion
Format: Trade Paper, 152 pages
Pub Date: Spring 2010
Price: $17.95
ISBN: 978-1-60306-057-8
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John M. Keith’s theological memoir Complete Humanity in Jesus considered what it means to be human in relation to the perfect humanity of Jesus. In his new book, True Divinity in Christ, Keith now examines the other side of Christ’s person and reflects on how we are involved in God’s life through the divinity of Christ. In chapters focused on the concepts of epiphany, transfiguration, resurrection, and ascension, the book describes how we know God, how we are transformed by God, how we share in the life of God, and how we participate in the work of God. Four accompanying short stories, inspired by events in churches during Keith’s ministry, resonate with the book’s theological themes.

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